The stark beauty of the rugged landscape of a lava field in Hawaii Volcano National Park.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Aloha!  Monday was my birthday.  I celebrated with a treat for myself from my favorite frozen yogurt spot, Menchies near downtown Honolulu.  A really nice way to cool off on a hot and sticky day.  

I got tart flavor which is my favorite and my "go to" choice.  This time I snuck in a pop of pistachio and chocolate fudge for a change.  Then I topped it off with gummy bears, strawberry and mango boba, plain and peach mochi and a candy sprinkles for the occasion.  Yummy!

Leaving the yogurt place I eye-spy another street art.  

This is how I felt after the yogurt was totally consumed.  A tiny portion of a bigger street art wall mural.

Then over to my Moms home and found out she has the flu.  So, I talked to her from the outside.  I the meantime I play with her puppies.  A better celebration will be next weekend... bbq at my house.  

When I returned home I was greeted with a bloom from a native white hibiscus with a hint of pink.  Well, that's all for now.  I'll be posting soon.  

Aloha and Sois Sage,

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I Love August!

Fragrant white Ginger blossoms in my yard.

I'm partial to the month of August... not only because it's my birthday month.  I also love August because of the other birthdays of people that are dear to me,  my family and friends.  It's a summer month.  I automatically think of picnics, swimming and shell combing on the beach, going for a walk or just relaxing alone or with friends slurping a tall glass of lemonade.  I imagine reading (I have a lot of unread books... waiting) a book under the shade of a tree, a movie with a friend or out to have a cup of coffee.  
Colors explode during the summer.  Shades of pinks, turquoise, yellows, orange and white are everywhere.  People are more relaxed, kids are out playing and it seems happiness is oozing everywhere.
So, with that being said, I took a different route after a checkup with my plastic surgeon to stop at a frozen yogurt bar.  OH YEAH!  Yummy.  Plain tart flavor with a smudge of fudge cake flavor with fruit pearls and mochi.  I'll have to visit again and show you a picture... good excuse for a return trip to get more frozen yogurt.  ;)  On my alternate route I took on my way home (while slurping yogurt) I came across some incredible street art aka graffiti.  I immediately found street parking and took some pics.  Well, I ate my yogurt first because it was not frozen by the time I found parking.
Take a look...
if you look closely,

you can make out the artist signature on most of the artwork.

Wild and crazy at a local surf and watersports outfitter.

Seems like a woman exhaling kakau (tribal tattoo).

Tame Iti, a maori man with moko (facial tattoo) in western attire including a fancy hat and bow tie.

These pictures were taken in an area called Kakaako.  Its an area where my parents grew up.  Many kamaaina (people of the land) have fond memories of growing up in the Kakaako neighborhood.  

This last picture was taken in a park called Mother Waldron Park honoring Margaret Waldron a beloved schoolteacher who taught at Pohukaina School from 1913-1934.  Mother Waldron as many fondly called her, opened and ran the schools playground for 24 years for the community of working class and indigent citizens, mentoring many children and helped many adults. The park is on the Hawaii Register of Historic Places and the only park in the area.  This art deco/art modern style of landscape architecture was designed by Harry Sims Bent.  This hardscape playround design is historically important both locally and nationally.
Modernization of this industrial/business district is slated for Kakaako impacting many buildings in the area and Mother Waldron Park.  This revitalization will be completed in 15 years changing the climate and culture that stretch through these few blocks.     
I'm happy to have some pictures of the hybrid culture of the area.  Especially where my families roots have gone deeply throughout this section of downtown Honolulu.

As I park my vehicle at home I turn and marvel at the beauty of the green mountains and cooler climate of the countryside.  Happiness!
God's natural "graffiti" right outside my door.

Come back for more Street Art photos and more August happenings... until then be safe.  

God bless you and keep smiling.  Lot's of love.

Aloha and Sois Sage,