The stark beauty of the rugged landscape of a lava field in Hawaii Volcano National Park.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Aloha!  Monday was my birthday.  I celebrated with a treat for myself from my favorite frozen yogurt spot, Menchies near downtown Honolulu.  A really nice way to cool off on a hot and sticky day.  

I got tart flavor which is my favorite and my "go to" choice.  This time I snuck in a pop of pistachio and chocolate fudge for a change.  Then I topped it off with gummy bears, strawberry and mango boba, plain and peach mochi and a candy sprinkles for the occasion.  Yummy!

Leaving the yogurt place I eye-spy another street art.  

This is how I felt after the yogurt was totally consumed.  A tiny portion of a bigger street art wall mural.

Then over to my Moms home and found out she has the flu.  So, I talked to her from the outside.  I the meantime I play with her puppies.  A better celebration will be next weekend... bbq at my house.  

When I returned home I was greeted with a bloom from a native white hibiscus with a hint of pink.  Well, that's all for now.  I'll be posting soon.  

Aloha and Sois Sage,

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