The stark beauty of the rugged landscape of a lava field in Hawaii Volcano National Park.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Mini Garden

Labor Day Weekend 2011

It actually started on Thursday prior to the Labor Day weekend with a trip to the Kobayashi home.  Mr. Kobayashi is a ceramicist and a mosaic artist.  He is also a avid gardener and incorporates his art into his home and gardens.

I have been thinking of the small area right outside my front door.  It is a barren wasteland.  I had a large bbq grill and a couple of rusted lawn chairs.  The grill now lives at my brother's and I tossed the lawn chairs.  A large root from a octopus trees runs through this patch of nothingness.  There are many octopus trees scattered on the hill above the house.
A tiny glimpse of the grill under the gray cover and the blue fabric of the rusted lawn chair in the background.

I've always wanted to landscape using black cinder because it reminds me of the lava fields on the Big Island of Hawai'i.  I guess it's an island thing, after all, the Hawaiian Islands are a string of volcanoes.  And I also I like the contrast of green against the black.

Up close hot of the black cinder pebbles and an old japanese glass fishing float

The PLAN - clean out the area, lay black cinder rocks (looks like lava rock) and replant herbs and lime trees in nice ceramic pots, pin keiki (hawaiian for child/baby) orchids and adhere air plants (tilandsia) onto old tree fern trunks and add some garden bling... and maybe a water vase with fish and a water plant.

I started the ground work on Friday.  Continued and finished the garden on Saturday.

my new mini garden

The only item that is missing from my list for the area is a water feature.  I've been on the lookout for a ceramic vessel in the same color scheme.  I want to fill it with water, add a single water plant and some guppy fish to control the mosquito population.  And maybe a few more plants.  Although I don't have magnificent artwork to showcase in my garden like Mr. Kobayashi,  I'm very happy with what I've done.

scented blooming orchid
chain orchid growing on a dead tree fern stump
I have two citrus fruit trees.  A Tahitian lime and a Persian lime tree.  Both in pots.  I decided to get lime trees because I use them often.  Eventually, I would like to get a calamondin, lemon and a blood orange tree.

baby tahitian lime fruit

a branch of mint with a lava stone decoration in the background

basil growing in a pot with a patch of thyme

close-up of a nest of thyme
Tillandsia (aka air plants) are one of my favorite plants to grow.  They have 2 plant attributes that I love, low maintenance and easy to grow.  I have several hanging tillandsia gardens, mounted on driftwood or by itself.
They have a primal look about them - I like that.  Primitive beauty.  
baby tillandsia growing on a dead tree fern log.

a single hanging tillandsia plant on a piece of driftwood
tall hanging garden

A hanging ball of tillandsia - A gift from Mr. Kobayashi

another tillandsia

tillandsia - beautiful curled leafs

Meanwhile, on the other side of the porch the other garden trembles in anticipation of a remodel.  

garden bling

native endemic hibsicus

different colored ti growing abundantly along the hillside

I was surprised to see a visitor the next morning.  Checking out the new potted garden with hungry anticipation.  

garden snail

I love walking down the path towards my cottage and turning the corner and seeing my new garden.  Truly beats that big grill and the lawn chairs that belong in the trash.  It's rewarding to accomplish a somewhat involved task.   Now I can relax and view the new garden from my chair on the clean porch (another task accomplished.)

Now, I'm headed back indoors to vacuum my carpets.  And back to sewing.  Until next time, happy gardening or doing the things that you love.


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Teaka said...

My goodness you have quite and impressive garden! So many beautiful plants. It's easy to see the amount of work you put into your yard! So lovely!