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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New home for my threads

Lookie, lookie what I did.
I found these boxes at a specialty food store which also sell wines and cigars.  I think they are pretty and beats the plastic containers where they originally lived.  At the bargain basement price of $2 each I bought 5 of them.  (I already had 2 boxes that I picked up a while ago which houses my beaded trims.)  My thread now live a tangle free life.  Now, if I could devise a cute and clever way to label or make a distinction of the contents of each cigar box without marring it too much, that would be grand.

The old thread house

And the new thread boxes

Even the elastic threads have a new home

stacked thread homes
It's hard living in a 375 square feet dwelling that also houses a studio.  Keeping it clean and orderly is an all consuming task.  Especially living in a bug infested, damp ridden forested area at the foot of a mountain range. These cigar boxes help keep the threads from tangling, bugs don't care for the smell and the boxes are compact in size.  I just keep pulling out the wrong cigar box when I need a certain color or size.  But, I really like the look of the boxes.
Now, if I can only keep all of my fabric and notions in order I'll be really happy.

The next project - lighting, another bookshelf and purging of unwanted stuff that has invaded the studio area.  Oh! and the garden.  And always, thinking up new designs to pattern and sew.  


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